The Rudisill Family Association was founded by Ted Rudisill in 1991 for the purpose of collecting and organizing information on the American pioneer descendants of Hans Rudisuli, a native of Switzerland who moved as a child to Germany in 1651 at the age of eight years. As such, he is the common progenitor for most of those who have been born to the name Rudisill or its many variants. Ted collected information on over 11, 600 persons who fit the following criteria:
  • Born to the name and a direct descendant of Hans Rudisuli, or
  • their spouses, or
  • their children.

Ted & Marina Rudisill
These criteria essentially track the male descendants all the way, and track the female descendants for at least one generation.

Ted was fortunate to have the donated services of Pastor Frederick S. Weiser, himself a Rudisill descendant, who is undoubtedly the most knowledgeable genealogist of the Pennsylvania Germans and a former Archivist of the Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was he who discovered our American roots in Germany and finally tracked down the family's origin in Frumsen, Switzerland.